Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's up with the Weekend?

How was this weekend? Friday night, I got to go see the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall, featuring Amanda Palmer from The Dresden Dolls as part of their Edgefest week. PRISE had bought us five rows on the second balcony, and it was an eye-opening experience. For the first half of the concert, the Pops played from The Planets as images from NASA flashed across the screen, and the second half featured Palmer and vocalists and actors from the Boston Conservatory and Dresden Dolls. On my way there, I noticed that the T stations are literally covered with iTunes ads.

Saturday night, my roommate and a bunch of other PRISE fellows went to the Baobob Dakar concert at Somerville Theater. In case you’re wondering, Orchestra Baobob is “one of Africa’s great iconic bands, creators of one of the world’s most sublime and truly distinctive pop sounds.” That’s one of the really cool parts of PRISE – we get to experience the sights and sounds of Boston – and shows that come to Boston - for free!

Earlier, I was actually in lab (Yes, it was a Saturday) running a gel, and went out to lunch (Chipotle!) with a few other PRISE fellows who work down the hall from me in Bauer. The view from my desk at lab, which is on the second floor of Sherman-Fairchild, is really pretty! Luckily, the weather in Boston has been perfect the last few days (not sticky and hot). Yesterday, my postdoc Brendan (who is awesome!) and I went to the Biolabs Courtyard for free pizza and beer during the MCB Happy Hour (I only partook in the pizza part ☺ ) and watched some impromptu volleyball and the kids of some of the grad students and postdocs running around in the grass.

I then headed over to buy a fridge with my roommate form the Habitat for Humanity Sale – I had no idea they sold stuff at the beginning of summer, too – and then we went and sat by the Charles. After, we headed over to our entryway meeting where our proctor bought us Felipe’s and we somewhat unsuccessfully tried to learn each others names.

Sunday, I slept in ☺ and went to Bertucci’s to eat dinner and celebrate Jack ‘11’s birthday. Tomorrow it’s back to lab and another week of neurons!