Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm On My Way

(Again, this entry is one week late! I’m sorry)

I had a pretty good week – with a lot of sleeping - because I haven’t been to lab since last Wednesday. That’s right – I got a week off because of our lab move from the Sherman Fairchild Biochemistry Building to the new Northwest Building. When I went in Thursday morning, there were crates, boxes, and people – both from our lab, from the moving company, and from IT – everywhere!
The pile of boxes next to my bench

My new desk

My new bench

The outside of the Northwest Building! Our lab is on the third floor.

Before I got back to work at lab, I had to get to work on my PRISE Presentation for our Presentation Practicum Monday night. We were divided into tables and given 10 minutes to talk about our research and receive feedback on our presentations from our peers. I found the night really helpful, and here are a few pictures taken by our Program Assistant Stephanie:

On Thursday it was The Cheescake Factory’s $1.50 cheesecake slice day, and I was really excited about this. However, you had to dine in (you couldn’t just go the the counter and order a slice of cheesecake and leave), so I gave up on that idea. Instead, later this week I went to UNO’s with Frank ’10 and Qi’11 where I had a Mini Dessert version of their famous Ice Cream Cookie :) Yum!

Thursday night was still exciting, because our Distinguished Speaker that night was Noam Elkies – who, just as a short introduction, received his PhD at the age of 20 and became the youngest tenured professor at Harvard at 26! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the grand piano out, but his talk on math and music (specifically, on canons) was still amazing – and many non PRISErs from the Harvard community attended as well.